League Monday  |  Season 33  | May 09 2022

Windsor Floor Hockey League

Season 33 Signups

Hello Again,

The time has come for Season 33 Signups

It will be Monday April 25 from 630 PM - 930 PM or until full. (8 Teams)

It will be held inside John Atkinson Centre in the front lobby when you walk in.

$100 for 12 weeks plus guaranteed playoff game

The season will start May 9th, 2022

Game times 600 700 800 900. But please arrive a few minutes before your game so we can try and start on time.

As a reminder this is a coed 18+ league

Things you will need for week 1:
- Eye protection (Safety Glasses/Eye Glasses)

- Your own stick (Any stick is permitted however no wood allowed). Composite one piece or two piece

- The appropriate shirt whether Home/Away

Make sure you have the following when you come to signups:

- A few options of shirt numbers
(2 and 3 digit options for new players joining us)

- List of who you are playing with
(Packages of 5 or less)

- Method of Payment (cash or e transfer )

There will be the registration form and waiver form. BOTH need to be filled out and reviewed with respect to safety and covid protocols

We look forward to seeing everyone and if you have any questions comments or concerns please let me know



Hello Everyone. The following trades have been made thus far before trade deadline day

Fighting Irish Trade Goalie Jacob Berthiaume to the Badgers

Golden Gophers Trade Forward Dakota Westlake to the Fighting Irish and recall Tom Becigneul from the minors

Spartans Trade Goalie Matthew Look to the Fighting Irish for future considerations

Broncos pickup Matt Breault for rest of the season

Trade deadline is before the start of week 7 so further trades may be made if necessary. Good luck to all teams in week 6 and have a great weekend



Hello Everyone!

Teams are posted, please wait until the new year to complain about your team lol.

Schedule and times are posted for the first two weeks to start.

As a reminder:
Guest/Away is Red shirt (1st team posted)
Home. Is black shirt (2nd team posted)

For the new players shirts will likely not be ready for Monday so please wear red or black shirt accordingly.

Make sure you have the following with you:
- Safety glasses or eye protection
- Your own stick
- Mask
- Vaccination receipt with QR code.

As of Monday the community centres and Active Windsor require the qr code version only.

Let me know if you have any questions and as a reminder if you don't feel week please stay home we need to work together to make this successful.

Happy New year to everyone and we will see you all very soon

Season 30 Champions

The Bulldogs defeated the Winterhawks 10-8 to capture The Marcus Cup for Season 30. Congrats to both teams on a great season


Season 27 Champs

Mooseheads survive a thriller in the semis and carried their momentum into the finals to defeat the Alouettes 13-5 and capture the Marcus Cup Congrats to everyone on a great season and Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New ...


E-Transfer Payments

If you are looking at e-transferring payments for Season 28 please send to the following email address:


Season 26 Champs

Congrats to the Thunderbirds on becoming the Season 26 Marcus Cup Champions with a thrilling 10-9 victory last Monday over the Chiefs Congrats to both teams on a great season


Playoff Eligibility

Just a reminder that you need to have played a minimum of 7 games to participate in the Marcus Cup playoffs this season.

We have some few exceptions with players that joined teams late. If you are concerned about your eligibility send us a message.

Reason we do this is for team Chemistry. Back in the day we had a player play one of the first games of the season and not again till playoffs and that was totally unfair for that team.

Season 24 Champions

Congrats to the Firebirds as they take home the Season 24 Marcus Cup Title with a 13 to 8 Victory over the Rangers


Season 23 Winners

The Wolves defeat the Bulldogs 15 to 8 to capture the Marcus Cup for Season 23


Season 21 Marcus Cup Champs

Team #3 pulled of a major comeback down 6 goals to win 14-10 in the final game.


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Season 20 Champs

Congrats to the Season 20 Champs Oilers Orange as they defeated Wild Green 15 - 9 in the Marcus Cup Finals last Monday


Season 19 Champs

The league Champs for Season 19 is LEAFS BLUE CONGRATS


Season 9 Marcus Cup Champions


Season 4 Champions

Regular Season Leaders
(where gp must be 1/4 of highest gp)
Season 33
Monday  | Offensive Leaders

47 - Brian Black

47 - Adam Zoumboulis
46 - Hayden Bourque
43 - Corey Lambing
39 - Andrew Foster
37 - Matt Breault
34 - AJ Lindsey
34 - Jason Babaoglu
32 - Chris Maud
31 - Greg Heuchan
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35 - Adam Zoumboulis

28 - Brian Black
26 - Hayden Bourque
23 - Andrew Foster
23 - Matt Breault
21 - Corey Lambing
20 - AJ Lindsey
20 - Chris Maud
17 - Tom Becigneul
16 - Dylan Breitenstein
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23 - Jason Babaoglu

22 - Corey Lambing
20 - Hayden Bourque
19 - Brian Black
17 - Mike Bochus
16 - Andrew Foster
16 - Eddie Barker
16 - Colin Bierer
16 - Greg Heuchan
15 - Kyle Walton
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Season 33
Monday  | Goaltending Leaders

7.38 - Ron Parker

8.40   - Ken Pillon
8.86   - Andrew Pillon
9.33   - Serge Breton
10.50   - Dave Oriet
11.33   - Matthew Look
12.86   - John Cockburn
14.75   - Patrick Clark
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.866 - Andrew Pillon

.865 - Ron Parker
.859 - Ken Pillon
.845 - Dave Oriet
.841 - Serge Breton
.833 - Matthew Look
.800 - John Cockburn
.796 - Patrick Clark
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6 - Ron Parker

6 - Serge Breton
5 - Andrew Pillon
5 - Ken Pillon
2 - John Cockburn
2 - Dave Oriet
1 - Patrick Clark
0 - Matthew Look
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